TeamView Unified Operator

TeamView Unified Operator

Unified Communication Solution for Receptionists

TeamView® Unified Operator is a Unified Communication client which provides centrally located staff with a complete overview of the entire organization and tools for handling all telephony communication taking place through the company's Attendant Console function.

Its native Agent support allows you to take full advantage of your Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system. A built-in personal Wallboard shows metrics like call load, group members, available Agents/Receptionist, etc.; ensures the highest levels of customer service ever.

TeamView® Unified Operator's intuitive user interface, powerful Phonetic search engine and simplified use of keyboard deliver the optimal work conditions for receptionists giving what they need to provide customers with a friendly greeting and fast call handling.


Intuitive Interface
Is visualized using icons and graphics ensuring a faster overview for busy receptionists, and can be operated with keyboard shortcuts and single mouse clicks.

Active Directory Integration
Contact related data and organizational information are sourced from Active Directory or LDAP at predefined intervals. Any receptionist can add shared contacts that are not included in AD.

Powerful Search Engine (Phonetic)
Free Text Queries are supported and the results are narrowed down progressively as data is entered. Queries can be executed by skills, job functions etc. Phonetically search is also supported.

Calendar Information
All employees' calendar entries are gathered from MS Exchange or Lotus Notes. Availability of employees are displayed with icons, showing Phone and Mobile Status, Absence, Vacation, Maternity, etc.

Colleagues Management
If the desired employee is unavailable, it will list all its colleagues if the caller would like to be transferred to another person. Receptionists can also change employees call forwarding.

Call Center Agent Capabilities
Can be Logged-in as an Agent in order to guarantee that incoming calls are distributed fairly amongst the receptionists.

Supervision of Hunt-Groups
Can supervise up to 10 hunt-groups providing receptionists with an instant overview.

Multi-platform Support
Has no limit in the amount of dissimilar systems to connect with. Embedded multi-vendor capabilities allow to maintain a view of the entire organization.


Avaya Aura Communication Manager 4.x or higher
Avaya IP Office 4.x or higher

Alcatel Lucent
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX 2.x or higher

Cisco Unified Communication Manager 6.x or higher

Innovaphone PBX 7.x or higher

Lync Standard, Enterprise and Plus


Simon Karkov

Sales Specialist DK