Datatal AB is the most experienced software developer for presence and voice solutions in the Nordic market. With our 25 years of developing systems for the SME and LME market and with a great number of customers for whom these systems are business critical we offer products based on our own software platform Flexi.

We are flexible and fast as we with a passionate interest, high competence and the ability to listen closely to our customers still remains innovative and trendsetting in our niche. We are well known for our excellent service and that together with the quality our products represent are the major factors for our success. Our strength lies not in our size but in our commitment and the pride we feel in our profession.


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Magnus Bäckström, our highly dedicated Support Manager.


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In our portfolio you find:
Flexi Presentity – Presence and Voice system with Mobile Apps, Web and Operator
Flexi Tid – Scheduled Callback, especially for the healthcare market
Flexi CC – Call Center, advanced queuing system integrated with any CRM

Flexi is based on the latest Windows platform where we as early adopters dare to leave the past before it’s too late.

As a result Flexi Presentity has support for all major Mobile OS that you find on the global market; iOS, Android and Windows Phone. All our apps are native to ensure us access to all mobile functions possible.


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Mobile Apps in focus!

Mobile Apps are here to stay for a while and our customers love them!
Our new integrated Operator is based on Windows 8.1 only. It doesn´t support Windows XP, Vista or 7 but offers support for Operators working mobile on a Surface, in or outside the office and that’s really cool!

Flexi Tid is our major flagship, it´s a unique Callback system for the healthcare market where incoming calls are transformed to an outgoing scheduled call, back to the customer. Flexi Tid is one of the leading systems on the market with more than 12 years of history, where our very first Flexi Tid customer, with over 500 Agents, still runs the system. We are targeting customers from the very small health centers to county councils with 1000s of Agents.

For more information please visit www.datatal.se

Download Documents:


Produktblad Flexi Presentity
Produktblad Presentity Telefonist
Presentation Powerpoint Flexi Presentity
Presentation Powerpoint Flexi Presentity Telefonist
Presentation Keynote Flexi Presentity
Presentation Keynote Flexi Presentity Telefonist


Presentation Powerpoint WonderPhone client

Presentation Powerpoint Flexi Tid
Presentation Keynote Flexi Tid
Produktblad Flexi Tid

Produktblad Flexi CC
Presentation Powerpoint Flexi CC
Presentation Keynote Flexi CC

Nyheter Flexi 5.11

Flexi CC Eng
Flexi Presentity Eng
Flexi Tid Eng


Presentation Powerpoint Flexi Presentity Operator Eng


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