IP Office ADI License Request

This web-form has been removed due to a process change.

Starting 2016-11-23 Avaya IP Office ADI licenses are activated in one of the following ways:

  1. Add on licenses (there is no SD card on the same order);
    SD/Dongle-number for the existing system must be provided with your purchase order.
  2. New single system (there is an SD card on the same order, but just ONE);
    Once the single SD-card has been shipped and the serial number is available, the licenses will be activated on that number.
  3. New system with multiple SD cards on the same order;
    Provide details on how to split licenses over the SD cards with your purchase order and they will be activated when cards have shipped.


There will be an overlap period with still open orders from before this date and if you have not received licenses within a reasonable time for those orders, please send send an email with order number, serial number and which license you want activated to


Martin Flensburg

Managing Director

+46 40 650 82 11